The Vision of Edna Walling: Garden plans 1920 - 1951

This book follows on from Jennie and Trisha’s Gardens in Time: In the Footsteps of Edna Walling (published by Angus and Robertson and in their first Christmas catalogue listed it as this unlikely bestseller!!) which documented the remaining gardens of Australia’s most influential 20th century landscape designer. Publisher of The Vision, ,Warwick Forge, Blooming’s Books says this book was not only his first publication but his best selling ….’I will never forget seeing it listed as Australia’s No 1 Non/fiction title!  So exciting... ‘. He also believes it was the nation’s best seller for any garden designer or gardener when published in 1998, with the first printing of 6000 sold out straightaway so another 10,000 printed with a number of further printings since then. Copies available from Warwick Forge at Blooming’s Books. The popularity of both books I believe only for the total genius of Edna Walling, whose work and landscapes, writings, photographs and life I was privileged enough to research so intimately and still continue to do so, although less frenetically than when deadlines were biting compiling these two books with Jennie Churchill.