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Trisha runs photographic workshops on request from her home at Bobundara on Monaro at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains and photography workshops on the island of Hydra in the Greek Islands...and open for suggestion in other locales...

Join Trisha for a weekend photographic workshop at her home, garden and landscape at Bobundara on Monaro at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains…or to the island of Hydra for a week of photography, literature, walking, swimming and soaking up the atmosphere of this stunning island.  

Being in tune with the island's ethos of slow - it can be fun to have a total digital detox to really make the most of this unique locale. Bring your proper camera so depth of field images can be perfected - low depth of field to focus on one subject or great depth of field to capture an entire scene. Challenge yourself to only take 10 stunning images a day and learn from each other as we compare methodology and impact.

These workshops are available on request and are great for a group of friends or for special occasion events. For those interested in literature, it is great to focus on one book, such as Chairman Clift's Peel me a Lotus, written on Hydra.

Hydra is one of the Aegean islands lying off the northeast coast of the Peloponnese, it has a population of 2000 and is only 38 miles from the port of Piraeus in Athens connected by daily hydrofoils.

Sharpen your photographic skills with projects each day along with plenty of time to enjoy the unhurried pace of island life. With its architectural preservation order and ban on motor vehicles, Hydra has retained the charm from its golden age which began in the Napoleonic wars.

Hydra’s rugged beauty attracted artists and writers including Australians Charmian Clift and George Johnston, two of Australia’s greatest writers who left London’s Fleet Street in 1954 and there will be walks to the home where they lived, past Leonard Cohen’s home, up to the monastery Tim Winton wrote of in The Riders and past the ruins of Greece’s famed artist Nikos Hadji-Kyriakou Ghika’s home where he entertained Joan and Patrick Leigh Fermor (who wrote Mani there in 1958);  Kazantzakis, author of Zorba the Greek;  the poet Seferis (Nobel laureate 1963) and philhellene Henry Miller, author of Colossus of Maroussi. For me, writers paint the landscape – I see it through their words – those jagged dry stone walls tumbling down the hills are more palpable through the poetry of these writers words.

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