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Such a privilege to have one of my Monaro images on front cover of good friend Charles Massy's new groundbreaking book 'Call of the Reed Warbler' which Bill Gammage says could be the most important book we will ever read...

Published by University of Queensland Press.

Find Charles Massy's new book here


Mediterranean Meanderings talk and lunch at Mickey and Larry Robertson's Glenmore House on March 1st. 



Had the very great pleasure of having the Plant Hunter, Georgina Reid and photographer Daniel Shipp to stay here at Bobundara for a few days while on the scout from Melbourne back to Sydney…

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Interview with Sophie Hansen and Skye Manson, My Open Kitchen Podcast Series 2, Episode 3 January 31, 2017.

Listen to podcast here


Article in Canberra Times Tuesday October 25, 2016 by Susan Parsons (page 8 Good Food)

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