You have to see these buildings with your own eyes to realise how good they are’, wrote Goethe, who came upon Palladio’s architecture when it was already more than 200 years old. ‘No reproductions of Palladio’s designs give an adequate idea of the harmony of their dimensions; they must be seen in their actual perspective.
— The Perfect House: A Journey with the Renaissance Master Andrea Palladio by Witold Rybczynski

villas and  gardens of the veneto - ITALY


Philippa Torlonia and Trisha Dixon will lead a 13 day tour to the Villas and Gardens of the Veneto in 2018. This follows the success of a wonderful inaugural tour in September this year.

Following in the steps of the great and the glamorous of the baroque age, they will spend time in Vicenza, the heartland of architect Andrea Palladio’s Villas and see many of his buildings that so influenced world architecture ever since. The classicism of Palladio with his elegant, studied and brilliant proportions and clever manipulations of space are inspiring to visit.

Four nights will be spent in Verona, five nights in Vicenza, two nights in Padua and one night in Venice, where we arrive by boat on the Brenta canal where the Venetian nobility built their grand villas.

September is the best month to be in the Veneto with vineyards heavily laden with ripe grapes, creating a sumptuous framework for the honey-coloured villas on hillsides with their sentinel Italian cypress punctuating the undulating landscape.

Trademark of our tours are the entree into a number of private villas and gardens, some of the most beautiful gardens of the Veneto – inspiring for anyone interested in classical garden design, architecture and interiors.

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